12 8 / 2014

The Underwater Prison, Estonia

Rummu’s underwater prison is located in northwestern Estonia (about 40 kilometers west from Tallinn). Rummu is a small town in Estonia and had a nearby limestone quarry which was founded on 1 January 1938 together with Murru Soviet Prison (how conveniently…) – Convicts were forced to mine limestone. 
In 1991 when the Soviet Union collapsed, Estonia again gained it’s independence and limestone…

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09 8 / 2014

The old train cemetery is situated about 2 km from the center of Uyuni (a small town in southwest Bolivia, near the giant salt lake). The town of Uyuni used to be a very important central exchanging point for freight trains traveling west to the Pacific Ocean navel ports. Most trains were used by the mining companies and were carrying mainly tin and tungsten which were over 70 percent of…

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29 7 / 2014

Asik-Asik Falls (situated not far from Alamada, North Cotabato, Mindanao, The southernmost main island of the Philippines). Asik-Asik falls are “spring falls” meaning  – not the usual river flows until it falls off a cliff kind of falls but the kind of falls that springs from the rocks and green vegetation before it plunges down – without a river or body of water located above the cliff.

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23 7 / 2014

Kaieteur Falls is a very large waterfall which lays on the  Potaro River,  Kaieteur National Park in Guyana (not to be confuse with Ghana which is in Africa). Kaieteur Falls drop from a staggering height of 225 meters (more than 4 times the height of Niagara  falls). These falls are not the tallest in the world but the joining of  the water volume & the height of the drop – together these…

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16 7 / 2014

Tinuy-an Falls is a very popular tourist destination near Bislig City. The waterfall are not too far from Bislig  bay (province of Surigao del Sur, Mindanao, The southernmost island of the Philippines).   Tinuy-an Fall is about 4 hours ride on a rough road from the nearest airport, it’s not too far from The Enchanted River– though it is not recommended to squeeze both  into one day, enjoy the…

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07 7 / 2014

03 7 / 2014

Landwasser Viaduct is a bridge for trains (a.k.a Viaduct) stretching high up (65 meters) above the Landwasser River, between the towns of Filisur & Schmitten, eastern Switzerland.  Landwasser Viaduct was built in 1901/2 by the Rhaetian Railway, which owns it to this day! (2014) . The Viaduct is considered as a World Heritage Site, and there is a hike trail that can lead you to great photo-op…

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27 6 / 2014

El Caminito del Rey, Spain

El Caminito del Rey (English: the King’s pathway) is situated  in El Chorro gorge, near Malaga, Spain. El Caminito del Rey is an amazing adventure walking along an old and forgotten pathway which most parts can collapse in any given time. The adventure seams more thrilling especially crossing the parts where the path has completely worn away. Unfortunately it’s now being totally rebuilt to make…

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23 6 / 2014

Slip-N-Slide Leads off a Cliff

YouTube Star Devin Graham - (also known as Devin Super Tramp) just released a video where the Slip-N-Slide Leads off a 15 meter tall Cliff, it was shot around 

21 6 / 2014

Glow sticks in waterfalls

Kris Abildgaard and Sean Lenz are two California-based artists & photographers (you can visit their website here: From the Lenz). Kris and Sean had a great idea and just like all great ideas it is a very simple idea, the idea includes a camera, a waterfall and just a few glow sticks. The result ? Some say it looks like an underwater-nocturnal-rainbow, others say it looks like an experiment…

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